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Top 5 Points to Consider Before You Hire a Crane

Western Australia (WA) is a mining hub of the country. And according to some recent industry news, mining in WA is predicted to rise in 2014 and beyond. The opening of fourth mine of Atlas Iron in the Pilbara region of WA has given a drastic boost to the crane hire businesses in the region.

How is Plastic Made?

Plastic is one of the most extensively produced materials across the globe. The most basic process for its manufacture involves creating molecule bonds but this process varies depending on the type of plastic being made.

Traffic Control Devices – Types and Uses

A wide variety of devices are available to help keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely. You can get your country specific manual describing the devices from the specific engineer or your supervisor. Some situations will require signs not shown in these manuals. In these cases check with the traffic engineers. They know how to design special signs to meet these requirements.

7 of the Oldest Man-Made Structures in the World

People often marveled at modern architectural wonders around the world. However, before these buildings even existed, there are many man-made structures that existed for many years ago, spanning from centuries to millennia. Looking at these buildings may teach us how ancient people have built their houses and gives us a sense of appreciation of what we have today. While there are many strong structures in our modern age, buildings made in the past were prepared with durability in mind. In this post, I will share with you a list of the oldest buildings in the world.

A Panoptical study of Engineering at GGI!

One of the leading engineering colleges in India, Gulzar Group of Institutes is the brainchild of a group of professionals exhibiting an experience of over thirty years in the field of Education and Academics. GGI is highly recognized for rendering panoptic yet effective technical knowledge to the budding engineers. Located at Khanna (National Highway 1, Punjab), the institute is extremely devoted in meeting two imperative aspects viz. academic excellence and realizing every student’s potential (both inside and outside the classroom).

How to Increase Life of UPS Battery

UPS is the most essential element of a house in developing countries where electricity shortage is a routine. It automatically takes the load of essential electricity fixtures when electricity goes off. The time for which it can provide the electricity is dependent on capacity of batteries which is the most costly and essential part of UPS and entire utility of UPS relies on performance of batteries. This article implies to Lead Acid Batteries only.

Traffic Management for Fuel Conservation

Traffic management is a short and medium-term tool for improving the efficiency of traffic systems. In comparison to infrastructure investments, the cost of implementing traffic management schemes is relatively low. Because of these low unit costs, total benefits can be substantial, even enormous. Sometimes the initial investment for traffic management is compensated by savings within a period of several weeks or even several days, which is extremely rare in other private or public sectors.

Water Cement Ratio in Concrete

It has been established that the strength of concrete decreases on addition of more water while less water results in incomplete hydration of cement, improper consistency, and low workability of concrete mixes – further effecting the strength of concrete.

A Buyers Guide to Forklifts

As the speed of commerce and logistics booms all over the world, forklifts have become a vital piece of equipment. Able to lift and transport heavy material short distances, they provide for the quick and accurate movement of packaging and stock materials in and out of warehouses.