Engineers are made to make the life of mankind easier and to solve problems. The best single line sentence that can define an engineer is the sentence we used below our logo “Engineers are versatile and genius minds who create link between Science, Society and the impossible“. There can be no better definition.

Since inception, man’s curious nature and intuition keeps him moving towards what he never known before and that is what progress is all about. There are two things which are constant since man’s inception. First one is that the ‘change’ is man’s biggest need and he cannot live a static and monotonous life. Second one is that whatsoever knowledge is available to man he tries to implement it to make his life easier by trying something he never did. First aspect is related to man’s nature of being curious and second aspect is all about the God gifted ability of intelligence and intuition without which he could have never done what he has done to date.

When we talk about population in general, not everyone wants change and not everyone is intelligent enough to use the available knowledge for betterment of mankind. Applying the intelligence to figure out the ways to beat the impossible is the trait of someone who is motivated, committed, and intelligent and that ‘someone’ is known as “Engineer”.

The world we see around us, the gadgets we use, the buildings we live in, the roads we use and even the food we eat; is the result of enormous progress made by applying engineering knowledge. Our lives would have been entirely different if this knowledge was not applied to our ecosystem. Engineering solutions are the key factors in shaping our economic and social lives. Just about a century back, months were required to travel from one country to another. Information was exchanged through animal mounted postal mail which used to take weeks or even months. Now, travelling from one part of the planet to the other is a matter of few hours only. Practically speaking, it would not even take more than a day to reach moon! Communication is now a matter of seconds. You may find two people sitting side by side but chatting via server placed thousands of kilometers away..strange but true.

You may also find people criticizing the technological progress by highlighting the negative aspects of technology like pollution, global warming etc etc. Though these effects are result of technological advancements but when we weigh the damage caused by the technology with benefits it has brought, the benefits simply outshine the drawbacks. Drawbacks are not even worth discussing.

With the prospect of more advanced technologies like nanotechnology and high performance computers, mankind is going to witness a change which would only be possible to scale in exponential terms. Engineers are now trying to make optimum utilization of all available technology by maximizing the merging of different technologies.

To conclude, all the change that has appeared in our surroundings is designed and implemented by Engineers and they would continue to do so. Better engineering solutions means better living standards, better reach to solutions and simply; a better economic and social life…

CES Editorial Team

An engineer by chance and blogger by passion. Trying to make a difference using words!

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