Patrographic analysis is the analysis of rocks and minerals through different test. This analysis is conducted to determine properties and characteristics of rocks and other substances extracted from them. Following tests are usually conducted in Patrographic analysis.

Thin Section Preparation and Analysis

This analysis includes determination of basic Patrographic properties like grain size, porosity, sorting, fabric and rock classification.

X-Ray Diffraction Analysis

It provides semi-quantitative data about the rock mineralogy. It is carried out for evaluation and detailed description of reservoir digenesis.

Scanning Electron Microscopy Analysis

It includes two photographs at different levels and magnification and provides information about significant rock properties, pores, presence of clay or other minerals. These photographs are generally provided along with a detailed analysis of results in written form.

Pore Attribute Characterization(GPAC) Analysis

It involves the use of backscatter imaging techniques using a scanning electron on ultra polished billets. It is used in cuttings and percussion sidewalls where other techniques cannot be accurately used. This method allows the study of pores at much higher level of detail.


This information is extracted from PTS Labs website.

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